A Deliberate Pause


As professionals, we are faced with so many challenges everyday. As we cruise through the multiple roles that we need to play, the tasks we need to accomplish, the goals we need to achieve and the dreams we need to actualize and the chores that have to be finished , we completely lose connect with ourselves. The unplanned chaos around us , as we run against time, circumstances and sometimes destiny, fades the life away.

The essence of life, is often lost, in this rush. In the quest for excellence, our constant rushing, running, fighting and struggling leads to the loss of the very mental-resiliency that we are struggling to attain.

Every now and then, take a Pause. A Deliberate pause. Let the world go by, as you sit in silence. Dont even introspect. Just let your thoughts come and go, as you allow your mind to rest.

From this silence, a consciousness will emerge. Your mind will be able to break out of the pattern and create a new space within, where wisdom will emerge. New possibilities, new perspectives and new opportunities will start becoming clear, as the silence is attained.

So just stop where you are . Relax. Calm your mind down, and allow it to come to complete rest……….take a purposeful pause!

(Credits to Begginerbeans for the image)