Anamika Singh


Anamika Singh

Founder ADAA (Dance Academy)

Anamika Singh, founder of ADAA, Anamika’s Dance and Arts Academy, is acclaimed across the nation for her traditionally Indian yet refreshingly modern dance style. She acquired her classical training in Kathak and Ballet, and diversified her range to 25 dance forms, from Indian folk to Ballroom to Latin American, under the tutelage of several reputed names. Her repertoire spans direction, choreography and performances for internationally reputed events, TV Commercials, films and more. Further knowledge in hypnotherapy and meditation together with her experience as an artist, teacher and mentor, has enriched her understanding, expression and communication of human emotion and behaviour. This is reflected in all aspects of her work and being and has led to many embarking on a holistic journey with her to their optimum selves.


In its journey of 19 years, ADAA has touched over 100,000 lives by contributing to not only students’ skills but also their well-being. ADAA’s endeavour, since its birth in 1998, has been to use dance, meditation and other art forms as a medium to help people explore their emotions, from the deepest crevices of the mind, and express them through the physicalization of their soul. People of all ages (4-80 years), from all walks of life (school kids to CEOs), with different nationalities, backgrounds, situations, talents and requirements have had an opportunity to be transformed from their ‘perceived selves’ to their ‘true selves.’ Over the years, ADAA has moved audiences through its soul-stirring performances with historical significance and spiritual essence.

 “i to I adaa” Wellness Mission

“i to I adaa” is an inner journey through the various dimensions of wellness,
embracing holistic healing of the body, mind and soul to reach our infinite self. We transit from the impairing small “i” issues (such as fear, doubt, anxiety and rejection) to the integrating big “I” Immunity-jewels (such as gratitude, faith, courage and compassion). The objective is to globally develop wellness instruments involving both digital and physical platforms. We look forward to realizing this mission with the support of like-minded partners on this quest.