Mindfull leadership & What You Can Do To Achieve It

The tipping point was very evident at the World Economic Forum in Davos this past January, with many oversold sessions on the topic and meditation being taught by leading practitioners like Matthieu Ricard, PhD (a Buddhist monk who is the Dalai Lama’s scientific advisor).” I witnessed this personally by leading a sold-out Davos dinner on the topic and participating in two other sessions on “Mindful Leadership.” Ariana Huffington of Huffington Post

Mindfulness is a much used word and at the face of it, a very simple concept, where you are totally in the moment, your mind entirely and completely devoted, with none of your senses in any way distracted by anything else.

But you will be amazed how difficult it is to attain this state, and sustaining that state for any reasonable period of time, is near impossible, an uphill struggle for even the saints and sages!

I think meditation is at the root of it all. And that leads to the question, what exactly is meditation? With so many different schools of thoughts and Guru’s everywhere, its hard to get to the gist of the matter.

Meditation is stillness and silence. Silence where , even your mind doesn’t process anything, the little voice in your head goes to sleep. Stillness where even your breath is a movement,

When the perfectly still and silent state is achieved, there arises a wisdom, way beyond intellect and logic. Suddenly, you find in your stillness, a surge of energy , which fills you with an unbridled joy , a spirit to conquer everything, a calm to let it all go, all at the same time. An amazing state, unprecedented and incomparable to anything ever.

And from such meditation ,practiced sincerely over a period of time, arises the ability to become Mindful. Completely and deeply aware , of everything within the moment, just as it is.

To be able to absorb the moment completely through all the senses, the judgments and beliefs have to be suspended, the logic and intellect have to abandoned and the heart has to be opened , then flows out, a complete Acceptance of everything just the way it is. Love that absorbs and encompasses, is full of inherent kindness and compassion for everything and everyone and a Wisdom , where all there is to know, seems to reside within you , and surfaces, when needed!

So when , this is the place, from where you Lead, you are a Mindful Leader. It is then that Authenticity, Honesty, Compassion & Loving Kindness, Focus and Resilience will start to become the hallmark of your Leadership Style!

This leads to extremely motivated teams, excellent work relationships, very focused and productive attitude towards work and a supportive environment, which is resilient against all odds.

That’s the net result of Mindful Leadership. The organizations prosper and lead to a Conscious, Positive, Compassionate and Loving Future for us all.