Raghu Ananthanarayanan



Yoga shastrAs

The foundation of Raghu Ananthanarayanan’s work has been his study of Yoga shastrAs with YogacharyaKrishnamacharya and Desikachar as well as his apprenticeship with Prof Garg. He has been engaged with Process work, Organizational Behaviour and teaching Yoga for over four decades. Raghu’s endeavor to integrate his understanding of systems and behavior has resulted in several innovations in teaching Yoga, enabling Personal Transformation (through the use of theatre and the Mahabharata) and Organizational Transformation (through a set of tools for Role Alignment, Cultural Alignment and Business Alignment).

Raghu Ananthanarayananis a Post-Graduate in Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering-1972 and M.S in Bio-Medical Engineering 1983). He serves as an Independent Director on the board of several companies.