Renuka Taneja



Founder, Windows the Art and Craft Corner

Renuka Taneja is the Founder of a studio for children called Windows the Art and Craft Corner, established in January 2000 with a vision to help rediscover the child within and to connect with universal values of goodness.

She uses art and craft media like drawings, papier mâché, clay etc. along with recycled or discarded home use items like CD covers, bottles, cartons etc to help children and elders respect sustainability. She uses meditation and music to create a space for exploring, experimenting and expressing.

Renuka has taken her philosophy to reputed schools like Heritage, Mirambika, Manav Rachna, Navkriti, Ridge Valley, Shikshantar, Shiv Nadar, Vasant Valley etc. and is encouraging creation of an education system where a learner centric space is created for the child’s evolution. She works with multiple stakeholders like teachers, administrators and parents to enable this space creation. She has closely worked with NGOs like Learn Today, WWF, PVR Nest and CRY to enable this. She has also been working with college young adults, as part of their orientation, to help them connect deeply with themselves.

Renuka has taught and held Jury positions at leading institutes like the NIFT, Pearl Academy of Art and her art creations have been sold in India and abroad. She has also associated herself with organizations like Development Alternatives and Creative Bee to help the cause of artisans.

Renuka’s work with corporates has primarily been in helping the leadership team members to get connected with the essence of the organization – its vision, values and the team’s individual and collective qualities, using the art medium. Of late she has also been working with corporates to look at creative ways of using their waste materials and to engage in offsite activities with their families to use art and craft as a great way to de-stress, have a fun activity and also to learn something about themselves and art.

Her impact on future generations is evident from the fact that older students from Windows have chosen qualifications and professions on the road-less-travelled. Their desire to do something about sustainability and a curiosity to research and discover makes them stand out in a crowd.

Renuka secured her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from College of Art and is a product of National Institute of Design (NID) Ahmedabad where she pursued Advanced Education Program in Textiles Design.