Step out of your Comfort Zone, everyday!

The roles that push you out of your comfort zone, are the ones that will give you the opportunity to learn a great deal, and empower yourself.

We all have a tendency to grade ourself and our abilities. Label and attach stories , defining and engraining in our mind, what we can do, and what we cant. A lot of this happens at a subtle, subconscious level. Most often, we are not aware of these stories, as they develop and take shape in our mind. But they are the biggest barrier to success.

It is important to be self aware. All of us, need to know, why we do the things we do. Self awareness is the process of introspecting and having a distinct perception of your personality. But don’t attach yourself to this perception. Be aware, be an observer and be free and flexible enough to allow yourself to evolve to your higher potential, always.

Become mindful of your strengths , weaknesses, thoughts, beliefs, motivations and emotions. Dwell on these, but believe that you are still learning, evolving, changing and growing.

Empower yourself to keep touching new highs.